Consistency Trading for Advanced Traders

Consistency Trading for Advanced Traders

Many active traders seem to find it difficult to obtain consistency in making profits day-in day-out. The usual suspects mentioned in mainstream literature are: (i) not applying your trading rules strictly enough, (ii) lack of understanding of leverage, (iii) breaking the rules of risk management and (iv) traders lacking discipline and patience.

However besides these commonly observed derailment factors one realizes soon enough there’s more to it. This course is dedicated to active traders who have a lot of technical and fundamental knowledge but seem to fail in their efforts even if they adhere to the abovementioned factors.

This course emphasizes the following 6 aspects in detail:

  • Wrong use of indicators and technical analysis: how the media sell the concept of TA and what academic reports say about the profitability of TA
  • Failing to look at the (hidden) important aspects of forex trading: getting insights into market makers’ manipulation and the use of a proper money management system
  • How Forex markets really work: finding the inefficiencies in the market and how these inefficiencies do give us a real ‘edge’
  • Failing to develop a trading system only applicable for trading these ‘edges’
  • Why our personality type is important in trading: we are not aware but we are biologically not wired to trade successfully. Add to this our impulsive reaction to our emotions when we are under stress and we have a dangerous cocktail not conducive to profitable trading
  • Finally worked out trading systems for trading all our ‘edges’: every trading ‘edge’ needs a different trading systems set-up. We set up guidelines and a complete set of rules.

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