FTA Glossary

Glossary on what One on One Forex training and mentorship offers:

One on One Forex Training entails a combination of theory and live trading. It is based on the premise that the experienced forex trader and the aspiring student-trader sit next to each other working through the theory and do LIVE trading at the same time. It mainly targets 2 groups of candidates:

  • Forex trading for beginners
  • Forex trading for active traders who are struggling to become consistently profitable


Forex trading strategies for beginners
One on one Forex Training has been created to help novice traders understand the basics of trading Forex, and how to trade Forex using reliable Forex day trading systems and an extremely profitable Forex scalping system.

Forex trading strategies
Many Forex courses teach only scalp trading, however the success of Forex scalping depends on how good you can read and predict the longer term trend of the market.

Forex Courses
Whether you are a complete newcomer to trading Forex trading or someone looking to improve their trading results, our step by step Forex courses have empowered many people to build a consistent income from online currency Forex trading. Head over to the Forex Courses section to see which one of the Forex for Beginner courses will best suit your needs.

Forex training
One on one Forex training courses will also cover the basics of forex charting, technical and fundamental analysis. Understanding the basics of online currency Forex trading is one of the cornerstones for successful Forex trading. With One-on-One Forex Training practical hands-on Forex trading courses we will take you by the hand and guide you through the whole process of Forex trading from start to finish. Remember also that from the start we will be trading LIVE together, sitting next to each other, and you will see with your own eyes how the trader manages to squeeze profits out of the market.

Trading Forex
The moment you trust your Forex trading strategies and you become a calm and confident trader, your whole attitude towards the market changes. Trading Forex is not rocket science if you learn a few Forex trading strategies and follows the rules of your trading strategy with discipline and patience you will be amazed at the successes online currency Forex trading can bring.

How to Forex trading
Many people are curious to know what Forex is and how they can get started. A series of PowerPoint presentations will guide you through the process of where to start and what Forex is. How to Forex trading is specifically designed for the new comer.

Online currency Forex trading
The only way we as retail Forex traders can take part in this very lucrative Forex money market is by opening a Forex trading account with an online currency Forex trading broker.  There are many Forex Brokers to choose from, it is of crucial importance to make sure you choose a reliable Forex Broker, here at one on one Forex training we will give you the best advice about which brokers are the best to use.

Forex Day trading system and Forex scalping
One on one Forex training offers two easy and straightforward Forex trading courses to choose from.  Firstly the Forex trading for beginners  course : 8 days of intensive work covering the basics through to the study of the advanced trading systems including 3-4 days of  live trading with the trader sitting next to you. Secondly the Forex trading for active traders  course: 8 days of intensive live trading with the senior trader next to you whereby we will show how to make money out of the market day-in day-out and will try to pinpoint the weaknesses in your application of the trading systems.

FX trading online
Personal one on one Forex training is the best way to start your FX trading career. There are Forex presentations and Forex home study courses available online, but nothing come even close to personal side by side tutoring.   With step-by-step Forex training, we will build your Forex knowledge and confidence and take you through the Forex trading strategies in great detail.

Forex Templates
Part of the FX course is the very handy Trend Indicator, morning analysis set-ups and trading journal templates. The trend direction Forex indicator will alert you to easily trade the market in the direction of the trend.

Free forex trading
Take advantage of many print screen data on which you can test your knowledge.  If you are new to FX trading online, there’s a good chance that you think it’s complicated and that it’s only suitable for the super intelligent.  The truth is you can start from an absolute know-nothing beginning and our steady, step-by-step Forex for beginners course was designed especially those traders who know absolutely nothing about trading Forex.

I will take you step by step from start to finish in easy digestible portions.   The live online Forex training will be tailored to your needs, taking into consideration the time you have available for trading Forex.

The benefit of taking any of the one on one forex training courses is that you will learn to trade in an environment that is familiar to you.


Forex training for active and advanced traders who are struggling to become consistently profitable

Many aspiring traders have problems to become consistently profitable. We have all different personalities and we may all have put in different amounts of effort but besides there are many reasons why aspiring forex traders fail. Traders may fail to see the ‘right edge’ or make wrong use of technical analysis. Moreover many fail to look at the hidden aspects of forex trading and/ or fail to develop a trading system applicable for trading those ‘edges’. We are also working on the trading psychology of candidates as this is one of the most underestimated