Guaranteed Income

Guaranteed Income

The question about providing guarantees of profit is important for every trader who trades in the Forex market.

We would like to note that profits in the past are not guarantees of profits in the future. It is written in every website which engages in trading the Forex market and we are no exception.

Most of trading strategies rely upon recurring patterns. We think we have an edge when a certain pattern arises but from time to time it doesn’t work out. Reason for this is that the forex market like any other market is a probability game. We may have a 70% edge with our trading strategy, meaning that over 100 trades we do 70 should go our way but unfortunately it also means we don’t know the sequence. The old wisdom is that the market may go up and down but not necessarily in that order. So we could still have 5 losing trades in a row before we start having profitable trades.

Moreover, most traders only think about Hit rates. The internet is full of high Hit rate trading systems because most traders will only purchase such a method. Most of these systems in fact lose more money when they are wrong than they make when they are right. Your risk-reward is an important element in the buildup of your trading strategy.

The main advantage of our system is the fact that it is based on the principle of redistribution of money on the forex market namely it is a zero sum game: large part loses out, smaller part wins. If all people earned in the markets, the markets would not exist.

We would also like to note, that it is not enough just to create a simple profitable system; it is necessary to make it adapted to current market realities, which are constantly changing. This is the most common mistake: the creation of a system that is profitable only in limited intervals of the time and for certain currency pairs. At our Academy we have a trading plan consisting of different strategies all applicable to different price action situations with a solid money management system in place.

Not every trade we do is successful so much is clear. However, as traders, we have to change our minds. Most traders don’t like changing the way they’re thinking and so they see the market disappoints and frustrates them when they are making a loss but they need to realize trading is not about being right or wrong, it’s a probability game. Frustration leads to emotional pain with all the dire consequences we are all well aware of!

During the one-on-one sessions the aspiring trader sits next to the professional tutor. He aims to achieve between 0-1% per day on the trading account. It’s a slow progress in the beginning, especially as we recommend starting small, but as soon as the account accumulates the profits the real focus on discipline and patience will gather pace. In this way, we guarantee income for our aspiring traders.

In any case, we always recommend complying with the money-management principles to safely survive the gyrations of the Forex market.

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