Master Forex Trading

Learn How To Trade Forex

Part 1: Introductory course will emphasize the following 5 aspects:

A thorough look at FOREX trading basics such as margin, type of orders, bid/ ask etc.

The technical and fundamental analysis as well as price action and how to properly apply each concept

We discuss the issues around FOREX trading system development. We will start with simple trading systems and prepare ourselves for the Advanced course.

The technique of money management, considered by many traders as the most important single aspect of trading.

Last but not least, trading psychology. Being aware and knowing how to handle our psychological barriers that affect every trader’s decision will put the odds in your favor. Developing habits for success and taking our trading as a business are topics which will be discussed.

The idea of Part 1 is to prepare us well for Part 2, the Advanced course, and understand all the ingredients needed for the execution of a well-designed set of trading systems.

Learn How To Trade Forex

Part 2: Advanced course This Advanced Course is fully dedicated to the development of a complete FOREX trading system.

With all the analysis and money management rules behind us and a good psychological make-up we are ready to tackle the next major step towards your financial freedom.

The aspiring trader will be taken on a journey of different trading systems, taking into consideration all the possible gyrations a market can make.

It doesn’t help to concentrate on trend-following systems when the markets are ranging more than 70% of the time. Transitions from ranging to consistently trending are not always that well defined. We need to prepare ourselves for most of the turns the market can bring us.

Utilizing a combination of technical and fundamental analysis together with price action, we start with range-trading models followed by trend-following systems. Emphasis also on breakout strategies, important news trading and trading the open of UK and US markets.

The purpose of the Advanced course is to have a good understanding of all the different trading systems: when to use which method, proper placement of stop-losses and profit targets etc.

It is highly recommended to have attended Part 1 of the course. Knowledge and insight of the Forex Market is a minimum requirement.

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