One Mind Any Weapon

One Mind Any Weapon

The Marines undergo one of the most grueling physical training regiments in the world, but the true strength of the Corps comes from their unwavering tough mental attitude which is summarized by their motto: One Mind Any Weapon

Taken literally it means that every member of the corps is expected to fight no matter the conditions. Regardless of whether the rifle jams or the weapon is lost in combat, every marine must adapt and fight with any tool at his disposal even if it’s his or her bare hands.

This unforgiving attitude creates a tough but very effective culture of no excuses. Basically one mind any weapon means that you must be prepared for anything surprised by nothing and most importantly of all expect no mercy.

As traders this is a philosophy that can benefit us all. The FX market is a highly competitive merciless place. This is a lesson I learned only too well in my long live trading experience.

When you are in a losing position and don’t take the profit when it was at hand during that same trade you must ask yourself the question: What am I doing here? Am I here to prove to the market how right and brilliant I am or admit I was wrong and take the blame for not taking the profit when the moment was there?

The market is not a friendly little nice place. It’s not a place where people will hand you money. Market makers will trip you off, stab you in the back and they will do all sorts of things to get you off balance just because it’s a highly competitive environment. Nobody will give you money on a platter. You must go out and take it yourself.

The whole idea is you must be prepared to take anything and everything when the opportunity arises and the fault is with you and not with them if you don’t react properly.

One mind any weapon is the weapon to prepare you for any kind of situations you find yourself in and you need to adapt immediately

No one will hand you a profit.

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