One-on-One Live Trading

One-on-One Live Trading with your professional Trading Teacher

Before we started the Forex Trading Academy we did an independent survey among 860 people across the globe to understand their perception of an ideal trading course. Shockingly 98% of the aspiring traders were dissatisfied with the courses they had enrolled in the past.

The graph on the right is a snapshot of the survey which shows what is lacking in most of the courses out there:

If you have enrolled in any of the online trading courses in the past, you may also be able to relate this to your experience. Unfortunately this is the sad truth and therefore most of the sellers of the course don’t seem to care if it is really valuable to their target audience. Few of them seem to be good but very hard to find. What most of the aspiring traders were missing is the continuous live trading aspect, finding proof that the proposed Trading systems really work and are consistently profitable. Very few Forex trading trainers are prepared to stick their neck out and don’t like to be confronted by eager traders asking difficult questions when the trades go against them right there in front of their eyes.

To fill this niche the Forex Trading Academy was set up. Seasoned traders reckon you need a few years to really start understanding the markets resulting in consistent profits. That is without 1-2-1 tutorials, sitting side-by-side watching the screens and act together when a trading opportunity knocks on the door. An immense amount of time can be saved if an aspiring trader sits next to the experienced trader trying to pick up the vibe of the high probability low-risk trading setup.

From start to finish of the course time will be set aside to trade live in order to achieve the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of the course: to become an independent and consistent successful currency trader.

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